Thursday, 19 January 2017

Oil Magnate. Uche Ogah Refutes Economy Sabotage Allegation, Says, I Own Nigeria’s Biggest Depot

The President of Masters Energy Group, Dr. Uche Ogah has refuted the allegation being peddled around against him as one of the people behind Nigeria’s economic woes. The oil magnate and stalwart politician had been alleged to be involved in oil bunkering, an allegation he asserted as being concocted not just by his detractors but that the tissue of lies are subject of the writers’ imagination.

According to a statement released by his media aide, Emma Iheanacho, Dr. Ogah had boasted that, he has the biggest Oil Storage Facility in Nigeria, how can someone of my status being seeing as economic saboteur when I own one of Nigeria’s biggest oil storage, he said.

the politician explained that he has the biggest Oil storage facilities in Nigeria. He made this known through the Head of Communication, Emma Iheanacho while reacting to the allegation raised by a non-governmental organisation known as Global Anti-Corruption Initiative which had been instrumental to the rumour spreading on most social media platforms. Iheanacho added that there is no iota of truth in the allegation raised by the NGO. He further stated that, his boss, DR. Ogah is a dynamic man of great repute, well known for his sterling quality with undying passion for humanity, this man has empowered many Nigerians and has provided employment to thousands of Nigerians. 

He however said that his contributions to Nigerian economy are immense and widely acknowledged.
"How can someone who has invested so much and have total believe in the economy of this great nation be involved in economic sabotage. Dr. Ogah has absolute confidence in Nigeria and he’s always preoccupied with thoughts on how to make this country greater. This is evident by the fact that, he does not have any investment outside Nigeria. He does not see any reason why rich Nigerian businessmen should take their wealth outside Nigeria, instead of investing to empower your citizens and stimulating economic growth of the country." He concluded on a final note.

Kanu Nwankwo’s Brother, Ogbonna Finally Settles After UK’s ‘’Hardly’’ Lessons…Linda Ikeji’s Sister To The Rescue

Laura Ikeji, the younger sister of super rich blogger, Linda Ikeji is the newest bride in town. The petite lady has finally sealed the lips of her haters who actually thought her relationship with the once-upon-a-time super footballer and younger brother of Nigeria international, Kanu Nwankwo, Ogbonna is just one of those run of the mill affairs. Laura Ikeji has actually muttered, ‘’I do’’ to the love of her life, Ogbonna Kanu earlier today, Thursday, January 19th, 2017. 

The celebrity blogger’s sister got a surprise package at an expensive dinner where the ex footballer proposed to her, sometime at the tail end of last year, December, 2016.

The duo cemented their love story when they invited select-few family and friends to the Ikoyi registry for the court wedding on Thursday, January 19th, 2017 while the traditional wedding ceremony, Igba Nku holds at the family compound in Eziama, Imo State on Saturday, January 28th, 2017 before the white wedding holds 

Ogbonna's daughter, Princess


Before now, tongues have been wagging on the secret relationship between Laura and Ogbonna based on the antecedents of the groom-to-be who’s alleged to have serial-dated several Nollywood actresses including the secret engagement to actress Ebube Nwagbo which later hit the rocks.

And as if that’s not enough, the newest groom, Ogbonna who’s the younger brother of Nigerian international, Kanu Nwankwo had once bitten more than he can chew when, as against his brother’s stern warning and advice, went ahead to marry a half-British lady who depleted him of everything he ever worked for as an international football star during his hey days in England.

Ogbonna, we gathered lost everything to alimony when his British born ex and mother of his half-caste daughter, Princess dragged him to court for alleged infidelity, with the court verdict seeing him coughing out almost his life savings to the woman’s account, and this is after his brother, Kanu and other family members had warned him to look inwards by taking a Nigerian lady as wife. 

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After losing almost everything he’s worked for as a footballer and coupled with the serious injury that stalemated his footballing life, the allegedly broke Ogbonna had no other choice than to relocate home where he eventually took over the managerial position of running his elder brother’s hospitality garden, Hardly Apartments, having learned his lessons in a ‘’Hardly’’ way from a ‘’Hardly’’ smart British girl. The hotel is located in the choice area of Victoria Island, Lagos. 

The super star footballer, Ogbonna Nwankwo has finally solidified his liaison with the younger sister of super star blogger, Laura, Linda Ikeji’s sister bestowing the toga of the hottest couple in the year beginning of 2017. We congratulate and wish them happy married life.

Sherif Ajalaruru

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Female Comedian, Mandy, Kofi In Armed Robbery Mess!

One of Nigeria's wavemaking female comedienne, Mandy and his rib-cracking male counterpart, Kofi are said to be enmeshed in armed robbery mess. Though unconfirmed, this office has been trying to crosscheck the fact behind this particular pictures presently going viral online. 

In the picture, the duo is seen being interrogated by what looks like a team of crack detective. 
We hope this is not one of those pranks play by comedians to drive home a campaign for new project just like the case of the gangling comedy icon, Basketmouth who put up an amazing skit to push his valentine show in the UK. 
National Enquirer has been sniffing  around since we got the exclusive picture but we shall dig more for our readers' delight. 
Efforts to speak to Mandy and Kofi have been abortive as their numbers rang endlessly without any response.