Thursday, 25 August 2016

Nigeria’s Political Bickering Takes A New Dimension

The petty argument on trivial matters which have become the order of the day in Nigeria’s political landscape seems to have reached its crescendo with perceived supporters of the two strong political parties-APC and PDP keep fanning the embers of controversies. After more than a year of the hot and sizzling political turbulence that saw Africa’s biggest ruling party-PDP losing to the APC, the rivalry seems to be waxing stronger by the day with loyalists of the two parties trading bandy words.

Instead of seeing the war which has been lost and won as a “no Victor no Vanquished” affair to let sleeping dogs lie in order to give peace a chance and support the new administration, the Nigerian youths have doggedly vowed never to cease fire; it has been torrents of negative criticism from both camps thereby threatening the peaceful coexistence of the Nigerian nation.

One of those society rows is the parody of the wave making single of one of Nigeria’s star artistes, Harrisong whose popular song “Raggae Blues” was distorted for political pappy show. The first gauntlet had the body language of the PDP while the latest is a perceived response of the ruling party-APC.

Though, the developing atmosphere may portend a comic relief right now, the end result on the populace smells a doom.

National Enquirer presents to you the different versions of the beautiful work of arts adapted by political jobbers to settle their petty differences.

Revealed! Scientists Discover Why Women Really Cheat

A group of scientists have finally revealed the true reason why women really cheat and the finding is really shocking. Are women wired to cheat? Scientists have claimed that women are programmed to do the dirty on their partner – but it’s all down to their biology. According to a new study, lusty ladies are “genetically programmed to have affairs” because monogamy is unnatural.
Instead scientists think the females have evolved to keep their options open at all times, meaning they constantly test relationships and remain on the lookout for better mates.

Researchers at the University of Texas claim women are predisposed to play away, but it’s so they can have “back up plans” if their current relationships fail. The desire to cheat stems back to our ancient ancestors who would have kept back-up partners on the sidelines incase their current squeeze died.

Senior author of the research, Dr. David Buss, explained: "Affairs serve as a form of mate insurance, keeping a back-up mate should a switch become warranted in the future.

"A regular mate may cheat, defect, die, or decline in mate value.

"Ancestral women lacking a back-up mate would have suffered a lapse in protection and resources."

The professor of evolutionary psychology reckons that women evaluate their lover’s “mate value” and then compare it against other single guys’ ratings.

Dr. David told the Sunday Times: "Lifelong monogamy does not characterise the primary mating patterns of humans.

"Breaking up with one partner and mating with another may more accurately characterise the common, perhaps the primary, mating strategy of humans."

Meanwhile there’s more evidence to suggest that cheating might just be in our DNA.

Some people believe there’s a cheating gene, or set of genes.

A recent study of 181 men and women by researchers at Binghamton University suggested that half of all people have a gene that makes them prone to sleeping around and being unfaithful.

Those with the DRD4 gene "were more likely to have a history of uncommitted s*x, including one-night stands and acts of infidelity" according to lead investigator Justin Garcia.

Source: DailyStar

“My Stewardship, What Life Has Taught Me” –Ogun Commissioner, Adenmosun

He’s one of the very few kitchen cabinet members of the Ogun State’s No. 1 citizen, Senator Ibikunle Amosun and by virtue of his political reliability and unalloyed loyalty, Asiwaju Francis Gbenga Adenmosun, the honourable Commissioner for Community Developments and Cooperatives in Ogun State is an authority of sort. The handsome politician and successful businessman who’s flaunting an intimidating credential is a man of many parts. Humble to a fault, it is not just by a mere coincidence that, the man of style is making an impressive mark in the political terrain, leadership has been running in his blood stream right from his days at the Federal Government College, Ilorin, Kwara State where he was the Head Boy. Having attended the St. Paul Anglican School, Odo Ona, Ibadan between 1969-1975, Asiwaju Adenmosun proceeded to the Federal Government College, Ilorin, an educational platform he believes has boosted his career in life, “If there’s anything my dad has done for me, it is the opportunity to enroll me at the Federal Government College, I’ll forever be grateful to him to allow me mingle with the type of friends I have right now’, he reminisced. The former Chairman of Ewekoro Local Government, House of Assembly aspirant and Ogun State’s Party Secretary finished his first degree at the University of Ilorin and bagged master’s degree at the University of Ado Ekiti before joining the Ogun State Teaching Service Commission. The dynamic politician who’s the APC Chairman in his local government, Ewekoro hosted the Enquirer’s team led by Editor, Tunde Moshood, General Editor, Andrew Anyanwu and Photo Editor, Bisola Badmus to a no-hold barred exclusive interview in his office in Abeokuta. Below are the excerpts of the chats.

Honourable Commissioner sir, what would you say qualified you for this post?
It is just the grace of God, not me. I could have been assigned for any position but basically because i have been involved in politics for a while now and the governor feels I am capable. My Ministry is that, which deals with the grass root, more or less the community people and we associate with the co-operative associations in the state, so it requires someone that can interact and integrate with the people in general.

Then what prepared you for life in terms of education and experience?
Well, I believe it’s an opportunity to serve my people. When I was in school, I have always had the ambition that I will one day make myself available for service, and, being in government is basically service to the people. I have also been involved in organizing people. I am the State’s Organizing Secretary of the party, APC and because God has been on our side, we have been able to get people together to key into the programmes of the party. We thank God, the entire indigene of Ogun State appreciate us. That was why when they voted us in; the governor gave me the opportunity to serve the people.

As one of the key cabinet members, what will you say the governor has done as a dividend of democracy?
We have been able to renovate quite a number of schools; we have gone into the health sector, in fact virtually everything. We have gone into security, health, education, name it. And we are one of the best States in Nigeria, as I speak to you today, only 5 States can boast of being able to pay salaries and Ogun State happens to be one of them. We do not owe because the governor has asked and ensure that we don’t live frivolous lives. We curtail our expenses and manage our resources. It’s been tight though, but we thank God that the people of Ogun State appreciate us.

As public watchdogs, we feel peoples’ pulse and one of the things people say is that the administration should have focus and deliver one particular project at a time instead of venturing into many projects like the Ijoko, Akute, Alagbole to Berger bridges which have been abandoned. What is really happening?
When the government came in 5years ago, our driving force was to rebuild Ogun State. Our infrastructure were in total decay and the only way we could do it, was to let the people know that we can’t be lIving in the past, rather, to look into the future. In order to make sure that Ogun State gets itself into the re-building mission, we had to set up a programme, unfortunately, it was affected by the economic situation of the country. We cannot say we have abandoned it because work is still going on, of course at a skeletal rate because there is a need to raise enough capital to finance these projects. But I can assure you, as soon as the rains stop, work will definitely commence again.

How are we sure the project will be wrapped-up and commissioned by the end of this tenure?
We are very very sure and optimistic that we will finish them. We don’t want to leave any project unfinished or abandoned. We are working towards ensuring that we get enough finance to finish the project, we don’t want to leave them in bits. Most of the contractors we are working with are foreign based. While we are doing that, we still have the welfare of the people to look at and to ensure that the schools and hospitals we are building don’t stop. Children have to get back to school and hospitals get equipped. But I can assure you that we will get the job done. We still have about 2 and half years in office. It has not been up to 2 and a half years since we started these works and we are sure to see it to completion.

As the Commissioner for Community Development and Cooperatives, how have you faired in touching the lives of the people?
Well, it depends on how the people look at it. I know that I have tried my best, I have, as a Commissioner sunk boreholes, I made sure that some of the schools are being re-built, used my influence to get other Ministries to get more people into work, also I’ve ensured that I got the Ministry of education to build more schools within my area. Dangote also, we have related with them and they have brought their company to our local government, they have built roads between Ibeshe and Ewekoro, they built concrete roads. These are part of the things we used our offices to ensure that the people benefits from. I know that I have tried my best and the people appreciate me.

What has life thought you so far?
Life has thought me that things are not very easy. I equally appreciate God, because am not the type that lives extravagant life. From my background I will say I was fortunate to have attended a school that was mixed with the elites, despite the fact that my parents belong to the middle class, as a result of that I made up my mind to be a better person. The people I also met in school equally propelled me to believing that you cannot just fold your arms, life is difficult and you have to face challenges. God being on my side, it’s been well so far.

Lastly, what are your ultimate political projections?
Well, I leave that to God Almighty, I live each day as it comes. There was a time I wanted to contest election for the House of Representatives, but people asked me to leave it and get myself more focused and listened to them. I was the Council Chairman in my local government, am now a Commissioner and the Organizing Secretary of the Party. I believe there is plenty of time to serve my people and I don’t think for now I will run away from politics.

Can you quickly tell us about your educational background?
I went to Federal Government College, Ilorin and was the head boy then, I did my post degree at the University of Ilorin and my Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. I also did my master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of Ado Ekiti. I have a certificate with the Nigerian Institute of Administrators. I equally have knowledge in computers and IT, I have my own company before I came into politics. I dealt more in Agricultural equipment. We have farms and also do consulting for other companies that require our services.

Thank you very much sir for your time.