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PDP Bigwig, Kashamu Buruji Chides US Authorities, Says “I've Been Vindicated By British Court, So What Yours”

Consequent upon his legal logjam with the US authorities over an alleged drug involvement which requires his extradition into the US, PDP bigwig, Prince Kashamu Buruji has reacted to the recent news making the rounds on the issue. According to a press statement made available to National Enquirer, below are the views of the political stalwart over the matter which is already generating international attention.

I wish to provide an update to Nigerians on my efforts to obtain justice within the U.S. judicial system in regard to the false indictment made against me in the U.S. Courts, which the British courts have cleared me from unequivocally.
As many may recall I had to take the battle to the U.S. authorities in their own country because, despite the British judgment and the defeats they have suffered in their attempts to place a false accusation on me they have neither attempted to extradite me again nor withdrawn the charges.

I had in 2009 attacked the unjustifiable indictment retained made against me on the basis that the English Judiciary, which the U.S. authorities had themselves instigated against me, had exonerated me. In that application to dismiss the indictment I requested that the findings and Conclusions of District Judge Tim Workman of the Bow Street Magistrates Court in London, be given collateral estoppel status by the U.S. court and his findings and conclusions be made conclusive on the issue of whether or not I was a party to the alleged crime.
District Judge Norgle before whom the indictment was pending refused the application after ruling that I was not a fugitive from justice in the U.S.
I appealed against Norgle’s decision refusing to dismiss the indictment to the U.S 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The panel led by Judge Posner a well-respected judge in the U.S. judicial system agreed with the District Judge.
In his judgment then, Judge Posner had made some wide-ranging generalized statements, which were not borne out by the records. However, as the Supreme Court of the U.S. rarely takes an appeal that complains merely about findings of fact, the Supreme Court did not hear my appeal from that judgment.
In that judgment Judge Posner held that the decision of the English Courts were not equivalent to that of the U.S. courts and so could not be regarded as binding on the U.S. courts.
However, as the lawyers noted, U.S. courts expect their judgments to be treated better by foreign courts.
This update is about my second attempt to dismiss this indictment. This second attempt was based on my contention that the indictment pending before Judge Norgle has now expired by effluxion of time by reason of the Speedy trial requirement of U.S. constitutional and criminal law and was consequently statute barred. Many cases in the U.S. in which prosecution had not started after 5 years of the charge have been dismissed for this reason.
Judge Norgle had characteristically rejected the application.
I therefore applied to the U.S. 7th circuit Court of Appeals for an order of mandamus directing the District Judge to dismiss the indictment.
Judgment was delivered on the 15th of September 2014 by the Court of Appeals in respect of that application for mandamus.
Judge Posner delivered the leading judgment of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals again.
I have several complaints against that judgment and my lawyers are exploring the opportunities available for appeal.
However before my political adversaries begin the usual perversion of truth I wish to make the following comments on the judgment for the records.
Again Mr. Posner has ignored the facts on record and the findings of the English Courts in coming to his conclusions that:
I have no rights under the American Constitution because I have never been in the United States and “it would be very odd that someone with so attenuated a connection to the United States would have rights under the US Constitution”.
“but no matter; even if the government is incorrect and Kashamu does have constitutional rights, he still loses, because they haven’t been violated”.
B. In working his way to these conclusions, he had already made, Judge Posner wrongly finds that only two options are available to me:
The first is to “return” to the U.S. and “stand trial and at the trial renew his motion for dismissal on the basis of the speedy trial clause”
The second “is to obtain from us, as he is trying to do, a writ of mandamus ordering the District court to dismiss the indictment”.
C. Judge Posner comes to these wrong conclusions in order to create a scenario of a stalemate between me and the U.S authorities whereby he posits that I will not come to the U.S. to fall into the clutches of the U.S. judiciary and that the U.S. authorities in turn have little hope of ever extraditing me to the U.S in view of my prominence in Nigeria and the findings of the British Courts, thus he then surmises: “as he won’t risk the first path to relief, which would require him to come to the United States and fall into the clutches of the federal judiciary, he must rely entirely on mandamus”
He then proceeds to reject the application for mandamus for the reason that I have not come to the U.S. to “face the judicial music”.
D. Judge Posner in building the stalemate scenario then expresses his disbelief in the U.S. Government’s statement, in response to my application, that it has now found the atmosphere in Nigeria more favourable for my extradition to the U.S. and responds to their vaunted optimism as follows:
“But the government may be whistling in the dark in saying that its optimistic about being able to extradite him from Nigeria (no doubt it was optimistic about being able to extradite him from the United Kingdom). The proof of the pudding is in the eating: the government has not tried to extradite Kashamu from Nigeria and for all we know may be feigning “optimism” in order to undermine Kashamu’s claim that the threat of extradition is a sword of Damocles disrupting his life without our government’s having to undergo the expense and uncertainty of seeking extradition of a foreign big shot exonerated (though only partly) by the judiciary of our British ally. Given Kashamu’s prominence in Nigerian business and government circles, and the English Magistrate’s findings and conclusion, the probability of extradition may actually be low.”
Judge Posner in conclusion, for the above reason, finds in favour of the U.S. government, that it has no duty to attempt any extradition of any suspect charged for an offence in the U.S. since all it need do is to inform that suspect that a charge has been made against him in the U.S. and that suspect thereupon becomes duty bound to take the next plane to the U.S. at his own expense to challenge the charge and prove his innocence.
Mr. Posner feigns ignorance of the statistics that show a serious racial prejudice against blacks and foreigners (especially from developing countries) by the mainly white dominated federal judiciary of the United States.
However, his own prejudice is quite patent in the casual manner has treated this important matter and attempts to “call a dog a bad name in order to hang it”.
The use of the phrase “though only partly” to qualify his own concession that the British judiciary had “exonerated” me again shows that Judge Posner either lacks a thorough grasp of his own record or is being mischievous. The statement of the British court which he refers to as only part exoneration is as follows: “As a result of the evidence that the Defence has placed before me and the evidence which the government has tendered in rebuttal, I find the following facts: that the defendant has a brother who bears a striking resemblance to him; I am satisfied that the defendant’s brother was one of the co-conspirators in the drugs importation which involved Catherine and Ellen Wolters…
“I am however satisfied that the overwhelming evidence here is such that the identification evidence, already tenuous, has now been so undermined as to make it incredible and valueless. In those circumstances, there is then no prima facie case against the defendant and I propose to discharge him.”
If this clear judgment of “the judiciary of their British ally” is only part exoneration one wonders what more the U.S. judges want or what is really behind this persecution.
E. Finally, Mr. Posner apparently intent on changing a fundamental principle of criminal and International Human rights law, then places upon a suspect who has never been in the U.S. before (merely upon being informed of allegations against him before a U.S. Court) the responsibility to buy a cheap ticket from, come to the U.S. to surrender himself into the arms of the U.S. judiciary (to prove his innocence of the charges against him?) and, as recommended by him, in my case, to face a possible life sentence before a judge whose mind is already made up even without evidence.
I do not believe that justice has been done. And it is not over yet.
Buruji Kashamu
18th September 2014.

Athlone Mofannys Students Host Fashion Show

The proprietress of a promising Fashion institute, Athlone Mofanny-Modupe Bamgbopa Awoleke  has rolled out plans to organize a fashion show as a way of celebrating the graduation ceremony of her first ever students. 
According to her the outfit, Athlone Mofanny services limited is a corporation dedicated to serving the Corporate and Vocational needs of Nigerians. We strive to promote in our students the desire to learn, the ability to think clearly and express themselves effectively.

Athlone Mofannys has been training unemployed Nigerian Youths in fashion designing skills in the last 2 years. We are also in partnership with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and we take them on skills acquisition scheme, fashion designing and entrepreneurial skills at highly subsidized rate.

Athlone Mofannys is proud to host her 1st Fashion Runway Show in Lagos this Sunday, September, 21st, 2014 with sales/exhibition as the peak of the colourful event.

The organizers revealed that the event is fully charitable aside being an evening of fun and style, ‘we’ll also raise money for the Save a Fish Empowerment Initiative (S.A.F.E) to empower the less privileged by giving out scholarship for some of them with massive potentials and also an all expense training course for beginners to study fashion designing in Athlone Mofannys Fashion School. This initiative is to reduce poverty level, crime and other youthful exuberance in our great nation Nigeria’, she explained.

South African Sports Don Nabbed For Drugs In Lagos

A 38 year old South African football coach, Steven Darlugar has been arrested by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos for drug trafficking.

The married father of one was arrested during screening before boarding an Arik Air flight to South Africa. He is said to have neatly packaged the drugs which tested positive for methamphetamine in a compartment before it was discovered by officials.

When interrogated, Steven said he was promised $6,000 if he successfully trafficked the drug and that he ventured into the crime to support his family as the money he was making as a coach wasn’t enough.

“I am married with a child and have lived in South Africa for about a decade. I coach a team in South Africa. I have worked very hard to attain financial freedom, but have nothing in return. This is my first time of smuggling drugs. I was under financial pressure to cope with peers. A friend introduced me to drug trafficking as a way of making quick money.

They promised to pay me $6,000 to take the bag containing the drugs to South Africa.” NDLEA commander at the MMIA, Mr. Hamza Umar, said “Steven was apprehended on his way to South Africa. He was found in possession of 1.54kg of substances that tested positive for methamphetamine. The drug was concealed in a false compartment of the suspect’s luggage.”

Horror In UK! Jealous Nigerian Girl, 21 Bathes Friend With Acid Over Boyfriend

The victim before the acid bathe

The CCTV Footage

Jealous friend

A British born Nigerian girl, Mary Konye who has envied her friend, Naomi Oni for years ended up bathed her with acid, just in a bid to snatch her boyfriend. She has been charged to court and found guilty of the offense.
According to the information, a Victoria's Secret worker, Naomi Oni who had acid hurled in her face said her jealous childhood friend who attacked her spent years trying to emulate her looks.
Naomi Oni said Mary Konye was 'obsessed' with her, attempting to steal her boyfriend before deciding to 'destroy her'.
Miss Oni, 21, said Konye - who has been sentenced after being found guilty of the acid attack at Snaresbrook Crown Court last March, 2014 - copied her clothes and hairstyle, even mimicking the way she spoke, her laugh and walk.

She told The Sun: 'If I wrote texts, spoke, laughed or walked in a certain way, she'd do that too. And she'd say "I look just like you, don't I?"
'If police hadn't caught her, I'm sure she would have gone on to kill.'
On December 30, 2012 Konye, also 21, disguised herself in a Muslim veil to stalk her friend as she left the Victoria's Secret store in Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, east London, where she worked.
Shortly before Miss Oni reached her home in Dagenham, Essex, Konye doused her with concentrated sulphuric acid, leaving her scarred for life.
CCTV footage obtained by police after the attack showed Konye in a niqab following her as she left at the lingerie shop at around 11.30pm.
Konye faces jail after she was found guilty of the acid attack at Snaresbrook Crown Court last Match.
Miss Oni suffered serious burns to her face and chest, lost her hair and eyelashes, and required skin graft surgery to cover the burns. Miss Konye's obsession with her victim began when the friends were 11 years old.
But in April 2011 they fell out after Miss Oni discovered Konye was trying to steal her boyfriend, sending him anonymous texts claiming Miss Oni was sleeping with other men. Miss Oni said: 'She had copied my entire life - now she wanted my boyfriend.'
Giving evidence in court Miss Oni described how, on her way home, she got off at her bus stop in Dagenham and felt a ‘presence’ before turning to see someone in a niqab.
She then felt a ‘massive splash’ as the acid was thrown at her, disfiguring her face, dissolving her hair and eyelashes and burning her tongue as she screamed.
Describing how she felt after the attack, she said: ‘Am I a bad person? Why has this happened to me? I work hard ... No one’s going to marry me now.’
Miss Oni also revealed that when she told her alleged attacker what had happened, her friend texted back: ‘OMG. Can’t believe it. She also cried down the phone to Konye, who offered her support.
Miss Oni said in court: ‘I just had my bandages removed and it was the first time I saw my  face after surgery and I broke down and I had spoken to Mary that night  and I was crying on the phone to her and she was on the phone to me telling me, “don’t worry, you’ll be OK”.’
She added: ‘I was still on the phone to my boyfriend and I felt a presence. I turned to my left and I saw someone and a black abaya [cloak] or a black niqab. ‘I remember it facing me, staring. A presence directly looking at me. All I could see was eyes.’
She then said she felt the splash as the acid was thrown in her face and ran home shouting ‘acid, acid’. She said: ‘I immediately felt that someone was trying to kill me and so my instinct was to run as fast as I could to get home.
‘I felt, it wasn’t burning, it was a dissolving type of sensation. It was on my face and I remember,  as I had my mouth open screaming, it burnt my tongue.’
Mary Konye was born on 20 February 1992 in Newham, east London. Her father died when she was just two leaving her mother a single parent looking after her only child.
She gained eight GCSEs before studying for A-Levels in Sociology, Media, Business and Psychology at St Angela's Ursuline School, a Catholic secondary school for girls in Forest Gate. She spent another year at Southgate College doing A-Level retakes before winning a place at the University of Hertfordshire, studied accounting and finance in business.

Konye held down jobs in retail at New Look, Forever 21 and Next while studying. She was one term and an exam away from earning a BA honours degree when she was arrested last April for throwing acid over Miss Oni.
When she first appeared in court last May she applied on bail on the basis she was a regular churchgoer. Naomi Oni was born just nine days earlier than Konye on 11 February 1992 and had a far less turbulent childhood than her friend.
They became friends from an early age and Miss Oni, blessed with good looks, was encouraged by Konye to pursue a career in modelling and the fashion industry. Miss Oni was less successful in her education and she dropped out of sixth form.
She found a job at Victoria's Secret lingerie store in Westfield Stratford City and worked there full-time until Christmas 2013. She would often be put on late shifts, finishing at 11.30pm at night.
The aspiring make-up artist was being chased by several admirers and rowed with Konye about the attention she was getting. After Miss Oni fell pregnant she confided in Konye that her boyfriend at the time, was not being supportive.
Konye told him to provide the support Miss Oni needed. But Miss Oni was angered after learning that her friend had interfered with her relationship and the pair fell out.
Six months later they made up, but by then Konye had told college friends at Southgate that she wanted to throw acid over Naomi and that she would wear a niqab to disguise herself.
After becoming friends in year 8 at St Angela's Ursuline School they had a 'typical' relationship during their teenage years. Both admitted during the trial they would regularly fall out but then patch up their differences.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Unbelievable! Archbishop of London Says, "There's No God"

Unbelievable! Archbishop of London Says, "There's No God" The archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, admitted to a crowd of hundreds at Bristol cathedral that he too has moments where he doubts the existence of God. He candidly told the many gathered about a recent moment of doubt that occurred while he was running with his dog. Welby shared these views during a live interview with BBC’s Lucy Tegg last weekend. “Do you ever doubt?” Tegg asked. “Yes. I do. In lots of different ways, really. It’s a very good question. That means I’ve got to think about what I’m going to say. Yes I do. There are moments, sure, where you think ‘Is there a God? Where is God?’” “I love the Psalms, if you look at Psalm 88, that’s full of doubt,” he continued. Welby then recounted a morning run with his dog, and pondering the injustice in the world. “The other day I was praying over something as I was running and I ended up saying to God: ‘Look, this is all very well but isn’t it about time you did something – if you’re there’ – which is probably not what the archbishop of Canterbury should say.” As the archbishop of Canterbury, Welby is the leader of the Church of England and the “80 million-strong Anglican community” around the world, the Guardian stated. Thus, it was an e